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A few words about Hedylogus

     Ferocious monsters kept changing faces, but this couldn't change his dreams.

    Hedylogus creates new visions through expression and constructive urge. These visions are transformed into pathways of ideas, thus tasting the jubilation of creativity.

    He describes the morbidity of everyday life as a promising one with infinite prospects and possibilities.

    Hedylogus does not describe himself as an artist, but more of a flaw of nature with a distorted fantasy and sarcastic mood, which stimulate creativity and production of ideas.

    So, between shreds and scars, before everything falls apart, his invincible figure comes along with other ones.

    Hedylogus will keep offering you ideas to eliminate your lies. Whatever has the power to hurt and deconstruct you, can also formulate it you. Whatever has the power to shake you, it has the power to make you stand upright, let alone, evolve.

    Whether you make it or not, makes no difference to him. Does it really matter, anyway?

    His work is not affected by neither myths and legends, nor stories about witches, ghosts or elves. These have never enchanted him. The stimuli and motivation he was deprived of as a child is his only springboard.

hedylogus blog

May 22, 2020