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hedylogus blog | Everything can be seen as a story. A story with concept.

I would not speak about creation (creation is a solitary process) but I do have something to say to people in the name of my creation. If I lined up all the disciplines that define creative activity, I would say that they have one common element:

The formation of timespace.

So the question is: what connects these little pieces of visual space if their connection is not predetermined?

Our souls, connect them.

An idea is a very simple procedure. Everybody may be able to draw a concept from an idea. The dreams of those who are dreaming concern those who are not.

Quotes are all around us.

Hedylogus blog is a down to earth account of contemporary quoting with the characteristic way that life itself is actually creating them.

Links, past, present and future ones are here for everyone. The words rise into the air as the life we see, drops further down.

It is as simple as that.

May 23, 2020